Rocket Armory

About Us

Our Beginning

Rocket Armory was founded in 2019 in response to the growing amount of right-wing messaging by gun manufacturers, especially those in the AR-pattern rifle space. At the time, many of the more popular gun companies were publicly aligning themselves with the Trump administration and other reactionary forces, while making social media posts denigrating minorities of all types. It was rare to find a pro-gun personality who would publicly support the basic premise that Second Amendment rights are for everyone. There was nowhere a person on the left could purchase a gun that didn’t entail giving money to people they found politically and morally repugnant. Rocket Armory was created to be the solution to that dilemma. 

According to our mission statement, we eschew the macho, hyper-masculine, military-inspired nature of the modern small-arms trade. We strive to be welcoming to women, racial minorities, the LGBT+ community, and other like-minded people. To that end, Rocket Armory partners with organizations who share our vision of a gun industry grounded in camaraderie instead of division.

Our Core Partners

Rocket Armory would not exist without the inspiration and support of the developers at Liberal Gun Owners, a 501(c)(4) organization whose mission is the simultaneous and equal support of both firearms ownerships rights and public safety. The mission embraces the idea that only an organization who professionally engages in the full support of both firearms ownership and public safety can gain the advanced knowledge to improve society.


Much of our early success was also due in no small part to the leadership and members of the Liberal Gun Club. Their mission is to provide a pro-Second Amendment voice for left-of-center gun owners in the national conversations on firearms. In order to achieve that mission, they encourage new participants in the shooting sports and provide firearms safety and shooting instruction programs; as well as providing a forum for civil discourse on these issues.

Other Causes We Support

Rocket Armory regularly donates to Walk The Talk America. Their mission is to reduce incidents of suicide by firearms, gun negligence through education and proactive programs that identify risks, raise awareness, and provide solutions to those who choose to own firearms responsibly and the public at large.

We also support Hold My Guns. Their mission is to connect responsible firearm owners with private off-site storage options, through a national network of partnering gun shops and FFLs, during times of mental illness or personal crisis. Storage through the program is completely voluntary. Their goal is to prevent suicide and violence by facilitating a space for healing in the homes of firearm owners while they or a loved one receive care.